✓ Powerful Automations — Part ❶ — Daily Report

between (JIRA, Github, Slack, G-Calendar) and how it effects you development process

1. ⏰🗒👤 Automated daily report

What are the benefits

  1. Documented daily work
  2. Know the status of tickets worked on today “Done/Blocked/In Progress”
  3. Allows more accurate retrospective report
  4. Its automated! leaving more time to actually finish your tasks. this approche might not repalce meetings completly but its a step.

How does it work?

  1. A scheduled automation in JIRA runs every day at 5pm, gathering all the issues the team members of squad in that day.
  2. A web hook between JIRA and Slack sends the information from JIRA to a dedicated channel of your choosing.

How can you do it?

  1. Make sure you have the proper JIRA permissions to add automations
  2. In JIRA go to Settings->Projects->Find you project and click the 3 dots on the right->Project Settings->Automations on the left
  3. Click on “Create Rule” (top right corner) and select “Scheduled” trigger
  4. set the “Cron expression” to “0 0 15 ? * SUN-FRI” which means: Run every Sunday — Friday at 2pm (my timezone is +3 so i will get it at 6pm)
  5. Add the “Lookup issues” step, use the queary “issuekey IN updatedBy(<Name of jira user>, “0d”)”
  6. Click Save and add a new step called “Send Slack message” and create a Web hook following the instructions
  7. Then add this text to parse the results to make sense

Click Save and publish rule, Thats it!



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