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Alex Pinhasov

between (JIRA, Github, Slack, G-Calendar) and how it effects you development process

2. 💬👤 Slack & Google Calendar For Teams

Working in an agile team means the development process is flexible with short but meaningful sprints, so the best thing you can and should do is to know what is your team work capacity without wasting time asking or worse manually scanning calendars.

What I…

between (JIRA, Github, Slack, G-Calendar) and how it effects you development process

During my work as a Squad leader and a Scrum master I’v learned many powerful tips and tricks and how to improve our development process using automations and platform interrogations, follow this series to learn what I’v done and how you can do it yourself.

1. ⏰🗒👤 Automated daily report

I can safely say most of the apps today use localization to support languages, this is welcomed and encouraged to make sure you reach the biggest audience you can.

Most of the times the localization files (a.k.a .strings) …

Using abstraction and polymorphism in Swift

A feature toggle is a technique that attempts to provide an alternative to maintaining multiple source code branches, such that a feature can be tested even before it is completed and ready for release as well as A/B testing. …

Image From: by Adam Sicinski

An effective way of solving bugs in iOS developing.

Bugs. Every software developer will have to face them sooner or later, some of them will be easy to solve others not so much, some might make you loose your mind others will make you feel like this industry was waiting only for you Sherlock. …

(CC) by Dean Meyers

iOS applications in most cases use REST API to get and post data, we rely on the data we receive to show feedback UI to the user. In some cases we can continue without a property and give it a default value when we couldn’t parse the data, but…

Good programmers are the ones who explain what they do in the most simple way they can. Even physicists explain wormholes with a piece of paper and a pencil pinned in it. What makes us different?.

I have always tried to write my code as simple and well read as…

Alex Pinhasov

Senior iOS Developer @ Lili

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